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Gibson Water is an Authorized Dealer for USA made Clack® & Fleck (Pentair®) Water Softeners – both industry leaders in home water treatment system excellence.

Are you concerned that you might have hard water — and that a hard water softener may benefit your home?

To start, it’s important to understand what water softeners do and what the benefits are for your family:

Water softening is a process that removes calcium and magnesium out of the water that comes into your home. When these deposits are filtered out, the water goes from being “hard” to being “soft,” and soft water is always better. Water softeners and other drinking water systems can permanently improve the quality of your household water.

Your first questions may be:

  1. What are some signs that I have hard water in my home?
  2. What are the benefits of having a house water softener system?

You may have hard water if you are experiencing the following signs:

  • You notice a white, filmy residue around faucets, shower heads, and coffee pots
  • Your clothes do not seem completely clean after being washed – and have a moldy mildew smell
  • The cost of heating your water has increased without explanation
  • You suffer from dry skin and hair
  • Your appliances require maintenance or replacement prematurely

Here is a brief list of some of the benefits you will experience with a Gibson Water Softening System in Your Home:

  • Energy Savings: these savings come from your water heater. Hardness builds up on hot water heater elements and can lead to a dramatic drop in the heater’s efficiency. Soft water prevents this build up from happening, and can reverse the effects of hardness build up that has already occurred with your water heater.
  • Washing Machines: Stain removal performance is dramatically improved when hardness is removed from water. When you have hardness in the water it is rougher on your clothes during the washing process, causing them to fade and wear out more quickly than if washed in soft water. Softening your water will allow you to use LESS detergent — detergent use can be reduced to 50%, and can save energy by washing in cold water settings instead of hot water settings
  • Dishwashers: Detergent savings up to 70% for washing with softened water. According to studies done by the Water Quality Association (WQA), softened water is 6 times more effective at reducing spotting and twice as effective at reducing film on dishes.
  • Appliances: Softened water can save you money by keeping appliances at top efficiency, and making them last longer.
  • Hair & Skin Benefits: Hard water causes a drying effect on the skin and hair, and soft water can reverse/prevent this.

At Gibson Water we offer excellent water softener treatment options for your home to eliminate hard water and these related problems — premier systems at affordable prices. Our priority is to make sound recommendations for your family based on your free water analysis — providing candid advice, top-notch product, service, and a best in business warranty.

More About Our Water Softener Systems: Gibson Water focuses on Twin Tank, Non-Electric, Counter-current, up-flow -brining automatic metered systems that regenerate based on the set number of gallons used. The key reason we recommend twins is that they are simply the best option with benefits to your softened water quality and long term savings with your softener. In some cases, Single Tank softeners may be the best option, which we also carry – and we will let you know if that is the case for your home after our free water test and home visit water analysis.

Twin Tanks immediately regenerate when you’ve used the predetermined amount of water as opposed to the typical middle of the night regeneration. This advance will save you hundreds of pounds of salt and thousands of gallons of water. Gibson Water Twin Tank Non-Electric softeners provide two softening tanks joined together operated by a single control valve that automatically regulates salt usage,backwashing and rinsing. It will automatically switch from the dirty tank to the clean tank when required, providing you with 24 seven round-the-clock soft water regardless of your water usage characteristics. With a Twin Tank softener no adjustments are necessary: the installer permanently sets the machine, the machine settings are permanently stored in the electronics associated with the valve. With a twin machine it is not necessary for the machine to keep track of time: only the amount of water used in-between regenerations.

Furthermore and most importantly Gibson Water Twin Tank water softeners use soft treated water to perform the regeneration process. Simply put, cleaning out the dirty tank filled with calcium, magnesium as well as iron and manganese, is more efficient when using conditioned water,ultimately using less salt, less water, and significantly increasing the overall life, functionality and performance of your water softener.

If you have been dealing with hard water and are starting to notice the effects – we are happy to come out to your home, conduct a free water test, and provide the best recommendations for a water softener system if needed.

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