Home Water Treatment Systems

City & Well Water Filter Options

Whether you are on city water or well water, we can help you diagnose your water problem(s), make recommendations to solve them, and when you are ready, install water treatment equipment and keep it maintained for years to come. Contact us for your free in-home water test — our top priority is your satisfaction and always making the best recommendations for your family to solve your water problems.

Gibson Water offers premier, affordable water treatment filters and purification systems for your house. We offer electric water treatment systems that can treat and eliminate your water problems related to things like: low pH, chlorine, iron, hard water, total dissolved solids, bacteria and viruses, and sulfur gas. We specialize in diagnosing and fixing unique problems in residential well water like sulfur & iron removal — as well as specific city home water problems like chlorine.

We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer of American made Clack® and Fleck (Pentair®) water softeners.

Clack® a Wisconsin family business established over 65 years ago, has grown to become a world leader in the manufacturing of water treatment products and components for residential and commercial/industrial applications. For more than 40 years, Pentair® has been the quality choice for water treatment-our rigorously tested products stand up to Water Quality Association (WQA) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards to remove impurities and provide clean, crisp-tasting water every time.

We offer the following services:

  • Water Softeners : Hard water affects how your soap lathers and how clean your clothes and dishes get. Home water softeners remove the calcium and magnesium minerals that leave deposits of lime and scale on everything your water comes in contact with.
  • Drinking Water Systems – Reverse Osmosis Systems: With the right drinking water system installed, your tap water can taste like bottled spring water. Not only is the taste improved, the water is healthier and better for drinking and cooking. With over 15 custom drinking water systems to choose from, we offer the most comprehensive purified water program.
  • Specialty Systems : In some homes, the solution to bad water is not easy. With one of our specialty systems, you can improve the quality of your water no matter what the circumstances are. For example, removal of harmful bacteria and viruses, arsenic removal, pH modification, and more.
  • Salt Free Water Systems : Gibson Water can design a whole house reverse osmosis solution, custom made for your individual home to meet the needs of your household water demand. Whole house reverse osmosis is the ultimate in home water filtration. Please don’t hesitate to ask us to quote you on your custom made, Gibson whole home reverse osmosis product.

We love Michigan and our customers here at Gibson Water — we are locally owned and operated water experts, privileged to serve you.

Contact us for your free in-home water test — our top priority is your satisfaction and always making the best recommendations for your family to solve your water problems.

Our solutions are cost-effective, energy-efficient and highly affordable. If you are in any way unsatisfied with the quality of your water in Central & Southern Michigan, call us at 616.401.6397 today.

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