Feel the Heat – Feel the Hydration!

As we head into the thick of the hottest summer months – it is more important than ever to make sure you are drinking enough water to keep your body healthy and properly hydrated.

Here are just a few reasons staying hydrated is so important in the summer:

  • 2/3rds of our body is made of water (what? – yes it’s true!)
  • We could not survive without drinking water
  • We lose water throughout the day – going to the bathroom (ew – but we all do it ;), sweating, and we even lose small amounts as we breathe
  • Water regulates our body temperature – help preventing things like heat stroke
  • H20 lubricates our joints – and this protects important things like your spinal cord and body tissue
  • It is a waste filter – helping us get the toxins out

Drinking water or eating foods that our body can convert to water needs to be part of our day throughout the year – especially when we are exposed to higher temperatures.

AND it is also helpful to know that even though you may be drinking water throughout the day – you could be counteracting that by also drinking diuretics like coffee – that cause our body to lose water content instead of gaining it. Considering ways to cut back on these water sapping fluids – so your body can maximize the true water you are putting into it.

Women – you need to shoot for 9 cups of water fluid per day.

Guys – need to aim for 13 cups of water fluid per day.

In the summer – whether you feel thirsty or not – if you want to enjoy the hot weather safely – drink that H20.

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You may also visit the article source for this information: “It’s Hot Out! Drink More Water in the Summer ” by Dr. Daemon Jones. With any serious medical concerns or questions, always consult your doctor.

Here’s to a safe, fun, and hydrated summer!

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