Top 5 Reasons You May Want to Put Down that Bottled Water…Now!

I will admit it — before getting into the water treatment industry over 8 years ago. I was a bottled water junkie; buying case after case for the home. Thinking it was the best water – loving the convenience – sure the expense was a nuisance, but I didn’t like the taste of our tap water.

However, what I have learned about bottled water over the past several years — and what is not known to the public at large has been astonishing to me – and I believe important for you to be aware of when making your water choices for your home, office, on the go, etc.

Here are 5 top startling facts I want to share with you all about bottled water — things I wish I knew well before now!

1. Your water bottles can be contaminated during production: this story captured by ABC this summer captures such risk when E.coli was found in a large bottled water group:

2. There are actually MORE federal regulations on tap water than bottled water.

3. Nearly half of bottled water sold in the US, wait for it, IS tap water. ” According to Food and Water Watch , tap water’s share of the bottled water market grew from 32.7% in 2000 to 47.8% in 2009.”

4. If you are drinking water from a warm bottle, let’s say a bottle that has sat in the car or facility in summer like conditions – researchers have found this raises the level of two substances, antimony and bis phenol-A (BPA) after 1, 2, and 4 weeks at the respective temperatures. According to a 2009 study from Birmingham City University in the UK, antimony, a heavy metal, may play a role in lung, heart, and gastrointestinal diseases. BPA can mimic estrogen in the body and may have a correlation with liver and prostate cancer as well as migraines and miscarriages .

5. Your pure bottled water may have added ingredients! “Bottled water companies are purifying water and then adding ingredients that impact the taste .” And some of these ingredients in incorrect amounts can adversely affect your health.

So what can you do? Ideally, for your home you want to have a reverse osmosis system – that will eliminate all these concerns mentioned with bottled water. And at your business, a bottle free cooler – with surfaces that are anti-germ – is crucial. AND these options are both short and long-term more cost effective than bottled water. Win win.

For specific ideas for your family or office – give us a call for a free consultation & water test. Our first priorities are our clients’ having the safest, purest, great tasting water in their home; and making the best recommendations that fit YOUR needs.

Questions? Call a Gibson Water expert at 616.401.6397 – we are happy to help!


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